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Interference Reduction

Interference reduction is secured in four ways:

  • Rejection of the electric field
  • Deep nulls of the Figure of 8 reception pattern
  • Rejection of mains borne noise
  • Immunity to static build-up

Furthermore, an antenna rotator can be used for directional reception and to reduce interference.

This range of antennas are probably the most advanced Broadband Active Loop antennas available, and offer professional performance at an affordable price.

Each Loop Antenna is supplied complete with a 12 volt Regulated Power Supply - the Power Supply is only provided for UK, EU, Japan and North American users.

Specialists in Broadband Loop Technology!

Wellbrook Communications are the only UK company that supplies a complete range of Long wave loops, Medium wave (AM) loops and Shortwave (HF) receiving loop antennas for radio amateurs and listener hobbyists.

All antennas are Broadband, Wideband Active Loop Antennas; the result of continual research and ongoing improvement over several decades.

Wellbrook is the only company that uses the revolutionary Impedance tracking amplifier to ensure optimum loop/amplifier matching. Other makes just rely on loop/amplifier matching over a fraction of their declared bandwidth.

Wellbrook Loop antennas are also widely used for Professional and Government Radio Monitoring. Customers include BBC, VOA, Radio New Zealand, UK and US Defence contractors, just to name a few.

Wellbrook loops do not easily break or malfunction, can withstand extreme weather and are the result of considerable research and innovation, but if you run into problems, we'll replace parts under warranty. Spare parts are also available at a reasonable cost.

These totally new active antennas have been developed to improve radio reception in noisy listening environments.

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